Vrbo Change Rental Agreement

If a member, at our sole discretion, submits inappropriate documents on our website or in our database, does not comply with local rental rules and causes a nuisance in his community, abuses the website or our online system or violates these conditions, we reserve the right to restrict the member`s use of the Site, to alter the member`s search position and/or to terminate immediately to that member`s list. If we receive or receive a complaint or a number of complaints from users or other third parties regarding the list or rental practices of a member who, at our sole discretion, immediately lower the list of that member of the site (z.B. and without restriction, when a member doubly reserves a property for several travelers on the same day or practices a practice that, at our sole discretion, is considered misleading, unfair or incorrect in the holiday apartment industry or in an online holiday market, when we find or assume that the Member`s payment practices or procedures are not safe, legal or otherwise appropriate, or if we receive a complaint that the content of a listing is contrary to third party rights. , we can then immediately terminate this member`s list or subscriptions without notice and without refund. We do not have an obligation to investigate complaints. Finally, we reserve the right to immediately terminate that member`s list or subscriptions without refund if a member insults or insults a member of the HomeAway group. I own and own several properties in Hawaii via VRBO and AirBnB. I have never had any major problems, but I recently had an incident that led me to make an adjustment to all my leases in the future. We are not obliged to check in advance the content published by the members, Travellers or other users on the site, whether they were provided directly by the user or by us or by a third party on behalf of the user (including, but not limited, real estate offers, valuations of a rented property or traveller, an interactive community, a forum or blog (an interactive “forum”) or other content provided by a user on the website).