Volunteer Code Of Conduct Agreement

ELI Project has adopted the following guidelines on volunteer engagement. Please read them in depth and contact us with any questions. Your signature is required if you register with Volunteer, as you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Volunteers cannot use the information they have received because of their role within the association (e.g. B lists of sponsors or suppliers) for their own purposes, including financial benefits, nor disclose them to others. This applies both during and after the volunteer period. Any volunteer who is unsure of the application of this Code of Conduct should contact staff for their engagement. Any intellectual property developed by a volunteer as part of his or her role in the Union (e.g.B. Travel guides, training resources, promotional material), is the property of the association. Please understand that failure to comply with any part of this Code may result in the suspension of our voluntary obligations and/or termination of our volunteer relationship with Operation BBQ Relief. No volunteer will be dismissed until he or she has had the opportunity to discuss the reasons for a possible dismissal with the staff in charge.

Responsibility Volunteers need to understand the risks associated with volunteering. In addition, volunteers hereby waive any and all claims against ELI Project, its respective officers, directors, employees, sponsors, agents and volunteers from any liability, including attorneys` fees, that may arise from illness, personal injury, property damage or misconduct that may result from participation in the ELI Project Volunteer Program. The dismissal of a volunteer who does not comply with this Code of Conduct or who does not satisfactorily fulfill his or her volunteer assignment is subject to dismissal. No volunteer will be dismissed until they have had an opportunity to discuss the reasons for a possible dismissal. Possible grounds for termination may include, but are not limited to: serious misconduct or insubordination, theft of property or misuse of ELI Project MATERIALS, abuse or mistreatment of customers, employees or other volunteers, failure to comply with policies and procedures, and failure to perform assigned duties. Volunteers are not allowed to use their status as volunteers of the association to obtain personal gain from those who do or want to do business with the association. In addition, volunteers should not seek or accept gifts, payments, services, fees, special privileges, amusement or holiday trips, accommodation or loans from any person (except in the case of loans, people in the credit sector, and then only under traditional conditions) or from an organization or group that does or attempts to do business with the association. Service at the discretion of the ELI Project organization accepts the service of all volunteers understanding that this service is left to the exclusive discretion of the organization.

Volunteers agree that ELI Project may decide at any time, for any reason, to terminate the volunteer`s relationship with the Agency. Such a decision should be notified to the volunteer as soon as possible. Are you a common user of the Bear Creek Greenway? Do you want a fun and active opportunity to give something back to the community? Becoming a greenway volunteer is a great way to spend some time on the way while doing something back to the community. There are several possibilities for volunteers on the greenway: Greenway Hosts Greenway Hosts are the eyes, ears and face of the track, give park staff feedback on trail running activities and maintenance issues and provide information and support for trail users…