Did The Catholic School Board Reach An Agreement

Today, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association (OECTA) announced that its members will lead a one-day strike on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. This means that there will be a complete withdrawal of services in all Catholic elementary and secondary schools throughout the province. The bargaining committee of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, which represents Occasional Teachers, Sudbury Unit (OECTA Occasional), and the Sudbury Catholic District Council have reached a preliminary agreement. The Ontario Catholic School Authority reached a preliminary agreement with the Ford government on Thursday afternoon. The union said that at that time, the details of the preliminary agreement remain confidential. With the OECD being the first teachers` union to reach this point in the bargaining process, only time will tell if the other three major unions will be able to reach an agreement. Ontario Catholic teachers have reached a preliminary agreement with the province, becoming the first teachers` union to do so in the current round of contract negotiations. Ontario`s teachers` unions voted in favour of strikes in November 2019, with the escalation of labour actions beginning in late November as osSTF members led a full-fledged labour campaign. In the new year, teachers intensified their work actions and organized alternating daily strikes in different jurisdictions when the weeks lasted and no agreement was reached with the province. The government has proposed increasing the average number of high school classes from 22 last year to 23 next year, instead of the government`s original target of 28, and allowing an opt-out for e-learning courses that it had previously said were mandatory. As a Catholic school authority, we respect the collective bargaining process and hope that agreements will be reached between all parties. The Ontario Elementary School Federation (ETFO) announced that the Council of Trustees` Association (Ontario Catholic School Trustees` Association and the Ontario Public School Boards` Association) and the provincial government have successfully negotiated an interim collective agreement on core conditions for their members. For the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB), our 100 designed Early Childhood Educators are among them.

The details of the agreement remain confidential until it is ratified by all parties. The OECD is the first of the four major unions to reach an agreement in a highly controversial round of negotiations. The APSSP represents paraprofessional staff in their employment on the Board of Directors. The current collective agreement between the parties expires on August 31, 2019. On May 10, 2019, the bargaining agent representing the APSSP at the provincial level, in accordance with the Collective Defence Act (SBCBA), the Ontario Workers` Alliance (EWAO), sent its notice of bargaining to the Ontario Catholic Trustees` Association (OCSTA). The parties to the SBCBA are in the process of scheduling a first collective bargaining meeting for their respective central bargaining table on June 19, 2019. “The details of the agreement remain confidential until ratification. In accordance with the association`s ratification procedures, on April 7 and 8, Catholic teachers will participate in a provincial vote if the PROVINCIAL AND LOCAL EXECUTIVE PRESIDENTS of the OECD recommend approval.

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