Construction Equipment Rental Agreement

3.4. Offers timely rental for rented special equipment. The main reason for using a properly written construction equipment contract in your business dealings is to protect your legal interests if the device is damaged, stolen or otherwise returned to its owner in the same condition as when renting. While it is possible for contractors to simply use a standard template or contract, this type of agreement may not adequately protect your interests. Working with the boston urban planner`s experienced lawyers from Calabrese Law Associates helps ensure that your legal interests are properly protected and that you are not subject to unnecessary liabilities or unexpected costs in the event of a construction machinery rental problem. By using our firm`s legal services, you will also ensure that you fully comply with construction contracts and current business laws. 1.3. Upon delivery of the leased equipment, the parties shall draw up and transfer certificates signed by authorized representatives of the parties. 6.1. In the event of theft or damage to construction equipment (vehicles), a bilateral law is established to determine the damage and determine the degree of liability of each party.

4.1. The lessor undertakes to make available to the lessee a vehicle with all accessories and related documents, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 7.1. This Agreement is drawn up and signed in two, with the same legal force, copies in Russian, one for each of the parties. The duration of the rental covers the entire duration of the transport of the equipment, including the date of legal delivery to a carrier for transit to the lessee and the return of the equipment, including the date of legal delivery by this carrier to the LESSOR. 7.2. After the signature of this Agreement, all preliminary negotiations, correspondence, preliminary agreements and protocols of intent on matters related in any way to this Agreement shall lose their validity. REQUEST for work with special equipment Non___ The nature of the contract in question is that one party (the lessor) hands over the vehicle, which is the construction equipment, to the other party (tenant) for temporary detention and temporary use. Renting your construction machinery from us is the innovative and inexpensive business solution.

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