Connectwise Manage Default Agreement

First, you need to make sure that all types of contracts are configured with the corresponding role and type of work exclusions. Do another drilldown for details such as company name, project and phase, ticket number, summary and project manager. – This is a useful measurement tool that shows the number of service desk manager activities after J.C. of the number of activities each of their employees has scheduled for the week. – Sales managers will spend part of their time tracking their team`s various activities, including the number of open orders each of them has. – Service desk managers spend a lot of time looking at their ticket statistics and making sure everything goes smoothly. When drilling into the measurement instrument, the name of the company, the project, the manager, the number or hours budgeted, as well as the billing hours and actual entries for this project are displayed. Access configuration tables > > contract types. Look for the type of agreement and click on the Exclusions link under Application Settings. Use the interface to choose which work roles and types of work should be covered by the “No Covered” chord, then click the Completed button. Repeat this procedure for all types of contracts you want to update.

By clicking on the number, you`ll get important details such as company name, project and phase, ticket number, summary, project manager, status, seized news hours and budget hours. – All MSP owners and managers know how important it is to evaluate the revenue they bring to their various customer agreements. Because if the agreements cost more than they do, that`s bad news for the company. If you make it part of your workflow, if you create a new business to hang the right deal, it simply hid a seamless manual task and automated a task that normally takes your precious time. When you click on the column of each chord, more details will appear, for example. B company name/contract, invoice, turnover, cost of work – surcharge and margin. – If you have a ticket that is about to break, it is important that your team act quickly to resolve the problem before it is too late. How can a service desk manager ensure that his team members are working on solution plans? Tracking this metric is a possibility.