Caesar Agreement

(iv) the Syrian government has publicly committed itself to negotiating a transitional government in Syria and continues to demonstrate this commitment by engaging sustainably in the talks and making substantial and verifiable progress in implementing such an agreement. (ii) the extension of the suspension of sanctions is essential for the implementation of an agreement described in Point A) or for the progress made in reaching an agreement described in point A above; In December 2019, the Syrian People`s Council ratified three oilfield agreements when Donald Trump signed the Caesar Act. These agreements were concluded between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Mercury Limited (units and 19) and Velada (unit 23). Since little is known about these companies, it has been speculated that they are a front for an entrepreneur with ties to the Kremlin. In order to maintain a balance between Moscow and Tehran, the Syrian Parliament opened discussions in May on granting the Iranians Abu Kamal`s Unit 12 as a partial repayment of loans received by Iran between 2013 and 2019. On July 8, 2020, a new military agreement with Iran was signed in Damascus. The adviser to Syrian President Bouthaina Shaaban called this the first step to defeating Caesar`s law. Despite the obvious obstacles that the De C├ęsar dossier creates for Russian companies, these are a number of examples where it is the opposite when it comes to ensuring that Syria leans more and more towards Russia in economic terms. The Russian economy has experience in sharing roles with Iran, the largest economic player in Syria. For example, the world media have taken note of the agreement to jointly develop the phosphate fields of Palmyra, liberated from ISIS by pro-Iranian units. (C) any other international agreement to which the United States is affiliated. In the absence of profitable commercial projects, we cannot rule out that Russia strictly protects its interests by preventing Damascus from escalating the conflict and becoming too friendly with Iran.

Western media reported on some behind-the-scenes agreements between Syria and the United Arab Emirates, which lead Syria to continue the operation in Idlib in exchange for “financial compensation” and in violation of Russian-Turkish agreements. In this context, the Russian media reported last May that Moscow was angry with Bashar al-Assad. New sanctions are likely to delay China`s involvement in reconstruction efforts, as China is already somewhat cautious and limited to humanitarian aid of a rather modest scale by Chinese standards (an agreement was signed on March 4 to grant a $14 million grant to Beijing). Lebanon`s internal crisis has resulted in unstuged Lebanon playing the role of mediator, suggesting that China is investing in the port of Tripoli to transform it into a “hub” of entry into Syria, moot. (2) NEGOTIATIONS IN AGREEMENT. – (A) INITIAL SUSPENSION OF SANCTIONS.) If the President finds that internationally recognized negotiations for the settlement of violence in Syria have been concluded in an agreement or are likely to be concluded by an agreement, the President may, if necessary, suspend all or part of the sanctions required by that law or an amendment to that law for a period of no more than 120 days, if the President makes a written statement and certificate to the relevant Congressional Committee that attests that the President makes a statement and a certificate attesting to it that attests that , in the event that negotiations are likely to be concluded by an agreement – (I) the Government of Syria, the Syrian High Negotiating Committee or its internationally recognized successor and the appropriate international parties participate in direct personal negotiations; and (II) the suspension of sanctions under this Act or any amendment to it is essential for the meeting of these negotiations; and (a) suspension of sanctions. – (1) NON-CONCLUDED NEGOTIATIONS.- If the President finds that the internationally recognized negotiations to settle the violence in Syria have not been concluded by an agreement or that they are probably not concluded by an agreement, the President may, if necessary, impose all or part of the imposition of San San