Bytes Enterprise Agreement

Malwarebytes granted some software products based on website licenses. If you have a “site license,” it must be indicated in the product description of the purchase document. A site license gives you the ability to run the software for your internal use under this Contract in the Acquired Band and is not limited to a fixed number of devices. Site licensing prices are tied to bands determined by the number of employees. The parties will re-evaluate the License Band Site at the end of the software subscription period. In the event that the review determines that you ordered and paid for the SaaS software and/or services with a greater number of devices than the amount and type you ordered and paid for, SaaS software and/or service license fees for each prohibited device, as well as all associated support services for a period equal to the sum: (i) the period during which banned devices began using SaaS software and/or services. or (ii) twelve (12) months. In addition, the customer is responsible for all reasonable audit costs when prohibited devices are discovered. If the review confirms that you are complying with its obligations under this Agreement, Malwarebytes will cover the total costs incurred in connection with the audit. From time to time, Malwarebytes may update the software, but is not obliged to do so. It is recommended that you regularly update the software or update it automatically when this feature is available in your version of the software. If you are a paying customer with a current subscription purchased by Malwarebytes, or an authorized Malwarebytes reseller, we provide you with standard updates and the maintenance and support we provide to paying subscribers from time to time at no additional cost. There is nothing in this agreement that allows you to obtain support, maintenance, updates, content or new versions of the software, unless you are a paying customer with a current subscription purchased by Malwarebytes or an authorized Malware reseller.

You understand and accept that your purchase does not depend on providing future functions or functions or public or oral comments from Malwarebytes regarding future functions or functions. Malwarebytes reserves the right to set additional updates, content or features as a separate payment or purchase of a separate subscription at any time.