Afm Set Agreement

Theatre musicians who tour the Union have a new two-year contract. In mid-January, the latest version of the AFM`s Pamphlet-B Treaty was ratified. Even under the new agreement, circuit manufacturers can use up to 15 minutes of captured material for advertising purposes. In return, musicians receive a new weekly salary of 1.5 per cent of the basic scale, which rises to 2 per cent on August 30. This deal is similar to the one Local 802 negotiated with the Broadway League earlier this year. For the use of music in a newly packaged, reissued or bundled version of the original product, including extension packs, add-ons, patches or product updates, no additional payment is due, no additional payment is required and is considered an original product. Any music made under this agreement can also be used free of charge in succession/succession publications, provided that any new music recorded for this derivative/successor is recorded with the aFM Video Game Agreement, which is then in force. “These negotiations have been extremely difficult, given the deterioration of the financial environment that we have all experienced during 2009,” AFM-Touring Director Steve Gelfand told Allegro. “Although we were initially faced with a demand for “no cost increases” from producers, we were finally able to negotiate some increases in this agreement as well as improved working conditions.” The most important benefit of the new contract is a 35% increase in weekly health contributions over the duration of the contract. The rate of the old contract was $88.91; Now producers pay $110 in the first year of the contract and $120 in the second. (These prices are valid for full rounds of pamphlet B. Health contributions under the “alternative tour agreement,” which applies to lower-class shows, pay $100.) A media payment similar to the Broadway deal: musicians receive a weekly payment of 1.5 percent, which rises to 2 percent for video game soundtrack albums in the second year, the employer or its licensee can release up to 15,000 units of physical CDs or digital downloads without any discounted positions, according to the AFM.

This music should not be used in a film, television film or other motion picture support unless the corresponding payments are made under the corresponding AFM agreements and an approved AFM acceptance agreement between the employer and the licensee is guaranteed. Another compromise is about step-by-step thresholds. It may take longer for a particular tour to rise to the highest level of the contract, which means that musicians can play longer below the lower level of the contract. Blanco added: “Overall, I`m happy with the result.” Another gain is that the pro diet increase to $875 per week in the first year of the contract and $882 in the second year. (The old price was $868 per week.) However, the union was awarded a two-year contract instead of a three-year contract. This could benefit the musicians if the economy improves soon, since a new contract will be renegotiated more quickly. Percefull added: “It was difficult to accept a wage freeze, and it was difficult to send that part of the new treaty back to my colleagues, but we really tried to focus on the quality of life issues that we have improved – and we have improved it a lot.” (Please note the new contract above as we update the summary on this page) Musicians earn a sick day after only 6 weeks of work, unlike 18 weeks under the old contract In addition, musicians now earn one week off every six months instead of one week after one year. 3. Salaries: (Level 1) 1-24 musicians – 115 USD/H/ Hd (level 2) 25 or more musicians – 100 USD/h Musicians also gained an improvement in sick days. Instead of waiting 18 weeks for the first day of illness, musicians earn a salary after only 6 weeks of work.

1. Scope: The employer recognises the AFM as a parte